Foiegrasandfunnelcakes.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Foie gras.  Funnel cakes.

Why foie gras?  Why funnel cakes?  Why yet another food blog?

Well, because.  The juxtaposition of such a strange combination sums up my philosophy about many things, including my penchant for things that span the spectrum of “hi” culture to “lo” culture.  I’m a sucker for nice things and fancy, expensive meals at fine restaurants.  I also like the occasional “In and Out” burger.  If I didn’t hate the kind of snobbery the term connotes, I could be called a “foodie,” but the term honestly annoys me since it seems so “food-ist.”  I honestly believe food is one of life’s greatest joys—and for me that joy can come just as much from Dunkin’ Donuts as it can from the French Laundry.

So this blog is intended, as it says, to be in praise of eats—good, bad and in-between. I’ll explore my love of food and of writing as I go along—whether it be experimenting in my own kitchen, dining out in one of the best food cities in America, feeding my addiction for too much Food Network or sharing my personal musings on anything from fair food to fancy food, sometimes with a little literary allusion along the way.

Bon appetit.