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Advanced poker training focuses less on developing specific abilities and more on keeping one step ahead of opponents whose primary goal is to figure you out. You should practice maintaining your poker face and remaining unmoved when cards are dealt or other players behave. If you are able to provide a convincing impression of a stone statue, it will be quite beneficial in keeping them off your back.

Take command of the weed!

Pot control, in its most basic definition, is when a player tries to keep the pot at a reasonable level by placing tiny bets or checking because their hand is one that will not profit from betting or raising. It is the polar opposite of pot building, which seeks to fill the pot with as much soil as possible to increase its size.

When learning poker and poker techniques, one of the most crucial skills to acquire is how to size your bets. This is a skill that should constantly be in the forefront of your mind. It takes a skilled poker player to discern whether it is better to control or to create a pot.

In situations where you have a powerful hand, increasing the size of the pot is usually your first priority, and the optimal bet amount is typically greater. Pot management is useful for players who are holding a weaker hand since it helps to keep the pot size under control, reducing the likelihood of stronger players wiping out your bankroll with large bets.

Maintain your composure and fold!

Whenever someone asks us for advice on how to win poker games, we constantly remind them that being in control is a critical ability to possess. Knowing when to fold is what allows a strong poker player to stay in the game for a longer period of time.

If you have calculated your odds, analyzed your cards and the table, and arrived to the conclusion that you have a bad hand, folding is the wisest course of action. Attempting to sail on a sinking ship almost always results in a swift and painful death at the price of your bankroll.

It is essential that you prioritize the protection of your stack over all other considerations. It is what enables you to continue playing and to be in with a chance of winning the game. You’ll get nowhere if you don’t have it. Maintain control over your emotions and get familiar with the signals that you may be tilting. When this occurs, move away from the game, take a break, and return when you are calm, attentive, and ready to play again.


Advanced poker instruction contains topics that are not fully covered in the basic poker manuals, such as subtle strategies, considerations, and behaviors that novice players may not be able to comprehend. Professional poker players are continually honing their abilities, and with time and effort, newcomers may learn to recognize and utilize these characteristics in order to enhance their results at the poker table.

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